Our dog boarding area at Hollywood Hill Animal Hospital accommodates dogs both large and small. We have runs, large kennels, and medium kennels and are happy to advise you on the best accommodations for your pet. We are able to house dogs from the same household together depending on their size, temperament, and kennel availability.  

Our boarding area can accommodate dogs both large and small. We have runs, large kennels, and medium kennels and are happy to advise you on the best accommodations for your pet. We are able to house dogs from the same household together depending on their size, temperament, and kennel availability. 

Boarding care consists of feeding, cleaning, and potty walks four times daily. As an animal hospital, our staff are well trained to provide proper care for your pet, administer medications, and handle dogs with special needs (see below for details). In order to keep track of our boarders’ progress during their stay, we track their food intake, eliminations, medications administered, and other observations helpful in assessing health and comfort. Additionally, all boarding patients are overseen by our veterinary staff by a daily rounds system that allows for intervention at the first sign of illness or discomfort. 

All boarding dogs are required to be current on their vaccinations – rabies, DHPP (DA2PP), bordetella, and leptospira – and checked for intestinal parasites. These requirements are in place to both prevent the spread of disease between dogs and between dogs and humans. While vaccinations are not a guarantee of disease prevention, they greatly reduce your dog’s chances of acquiring and spreading the disease for which he or she is immunized. We recognize every dog has individual needs, so should you have questions about your particular dog, don’t hesitate to discuss your dog’s vaccination schedule with one of our staff.  Intestinal parasites are of great concern, as their presence in the environment is difficult to eradicate once they have been introduced. Checking all dogs and treating them for any observed intestinal parasites allows us to prevent other boarding pets, visiting patients, and our staff from acquiring parasite infections.

Should your dog not yet be up to date, we are happy to provide these services for your pet during his or her stay.

We recommend that you bring your dog's regular food with him or her while boarding.  This helps prevent potential stomach upset and keeps your dog's routine as close as possible to home.  If you choose to not bring your dog's food from home, we are able to feed our house dry food at no additional cost, or we can feed a canned diet or a prescription diet at an additional cost.  To protect your dog, our patients, and our staff from food-borne illnesses, we cannot feed any raw food or undercooked diets at our facility (this includes raw freeze-dried products).  For more information about the health risks of feeding a raw or undercooked pet food, please click here.

Our boarding space is limited (16 kennel/runs for dogs).  Please make your reservations in advance to ensure we have space for your dog. 

In many circumstances we are able to accomodate pets with special needs.  However, due to our facility set up there are some restrictions.  We are unable to provide boarding services for the following:

  • dogs with a history of aggression towards other dogs
  • dogs with a history of aggression towards people
  • dogs with certain medical conditions which may necessitate 24 hour care (this can include dogs with serious illness that is not yet stable, dogs with a high likelyhood of needing emergency care, such as dogs with advanced heart disease or dogs with uncontrolled epilepsy
  • dogs with known medical conditions for which owners have not brought the prescribed medication

If your dog has special needs of any kind, it is important that you let us know when you schedule your boarding reservation so we may assess eligibility to board.  At check in, if prior arrangements have not been made, we may refuse to board your dog.  This policy is made with the best interest of the dog in mind.  At Hollywood Hill Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on providing excellent care and ensuring your dog is comfortable during boarding.  For some dogs, a kennel environment is not suitable for boarding needs.  Should you wish to board and your dog not be eligible to stay with us, we are happy to provide you with alternative boarding facilities and pet sitters who may be better able to meet your pet's needs.

During boarding, should your dog's health decline, we will attempt to reach you and/or your emergency contact provided at check in, in order to determine the best course of action with you.  Please make sure you bring the contact information for someone other than yourself who is able to make decisions regarding your pet should you be unreachable by phone.  We ask for this information to provide you with peace of mind and to ensure that we can address your pet's medical needs according to your wishes should the need arise. 

What to do prior to boarding:

  • Provide us with medical and vaccine history for your dog and/or provide us with the name of the veterinary facility where your dog receives veterinary care.
  • Alert us to any medical conditions or special needs when making the reservation.
  • Arrange one or more emergency contact persons who are familiar with your dog and your wishes for medical decisions.

What to bring with your dog for boarding:

  • your dog's food and/or treats (if desired) and feeding instructions (e.g. 1 cup twice per day).
  • your dog's medication in the original packaging with a legible prescription label.
  • information about when your pet last received food and medication.
  • any toys your dog can have unsupervised. *** DO NOT bring toys that are new to your pet, that require supervision, or that your dog may eat.
  • bed, blanket, or other items you wish your pet to have in the run or kennel.   Space is limited so please do not bring extra large items or anything that cannot be washed.

For questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 425-486-8387 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Pet Sitter Consent

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