Hollywood Hill Animal Hospital is able to see your pet on an emergency basis if the need arises. 

If your pet is experiencing an emergency, please call us at (425) 486-8387. Some emergency needs may be better served by one of the many emergency clinics available in our area. In order to provide your pet with the best care possible, we advise that you call prior to coming in so that we can refer you to the appropriate hospital if needed. If you require after-hours pet emergency assistance, please call one of the clinics listed below.

Emergency Pet Hospitals in Our Area

What is a pet emergency?

The following injuries or illnesses are considered emergencies for your pet and require immediate attention. 

  • Active bleeding or large amount of blood found with pet
  • Burns, hyperthermia, overheating
  • Difficulty breathing – gasping, coughing, panting and heavy breathing with no physical exertion
  • Distressed vocalization - howling, yowling
  • Drowning or pet is not breathing
  • Excessive diarrhea or vomiting, vomiting water or blood, or non-productive dry heaving
  • Exposure / hypothermia
  • Eye injuries
  • Facial swelling
  • Head tilt, unequal pupil sizes, dragging tops of paws on ground, or other neurological changes
  • Incoordination, inability to walk or stand
  • Ingestion of foreign objects, such as toys or towels
  • Known accident involving trauma or broken bones
  • Loss of function of rear legs (spinal injury)
  • Not eating or drinking for more than 24 hours (sooner if you know your pet isn't shy about food)
  • Pale, white, blue, or bright red gums or tongue
  • Puncture wound in the abdomen or chest
  • Restlessness, inability to get comfortable
  • Seizure, collapse, profound weakness or non-responsiveness
  • Suspected toxin ingestion - See list of poisonous substances

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